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Ordering with Venmo


Thank you for your interest in ordering from us! Whether you are a new customer or returning, we are dedicated to providing you only the highest quality pieces at the best prices! Free shipping is included on ALL USA orders!

We have had some complications with our credit card processing system recently so while we work on that, orders are currently able to be placed through Venmo.

To order with Venmo: 

1. Create your cart on our website like normal.

2. Use code: VENMO and your order will be 0$. 

3. Send the $ amount of your order to our Venmo account @Altavan-Store . (picture shown)

4. We will email you confirming we have received your order and are acquiring your items.

Altavan Venmo.jpg

All orders are delivered within our average delivery time (2-4 weeks) or are completely refunded if unable to be completed. 

Please DO NOT use the code to order without sending payment. Your order will be cancelled.

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